Tonight: Bring Your Kids to Dance Club It'll Do. There Will Be Shaved Ice and Everything

I don't know why grownups get to have all the fun, I would wager it has something to do with financial independence and tastes for whiskey and cold beer, but kids, they need to let loose too. And not just in a get out the stress on a tire-swing kind of way, more like a got to get up to get down, close your eyes and dance around a dark club kind of way. It feels cool, okay. Let the kids feel cool.

It'll Do, East Dallas' playground for grownups with a taste for dancing is opening its doors a little early tomorrow for a slightly younger and shorter set for their new monthly, DISCO KIDS. Kids are $5.00 and lame-o parents get in free for a night of music and dancing from 5 p.m. to 9:30. In addition to DJ's and a photo booth, Big D Kona Ice & Dough Boys Pizza will be on the premises so dinner is taken care of and beverages will be for sale. To be extra adorable, please someone let your child start a juice tab and send me a photograph.

The whole shebang looks to be entirely charming, so Dallas parents get on your child's dance card. This night belongs to them.

And here's the Facebook event page.

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