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Tonight! On The CW! Lisa Loeb! Gossip Girl! O! M! F! G!

Just got word that The CW network, The O.C.-wannabe Gossip Girl and Dallas' own Lisa Loeb--or a trifecta clubs editor Jesse Hughey calls "The Holy Trinity of 'Who Cares?'"--are set to join forces tonight on your television sets during the 7 o'clock hour.

Loeb's guest-starring role on the show takes place in a story line that, according to the helpful press release we just received, involves a character named Rufus being invited to perform alongside the nerdy '90s pop star at a Rolling Stone-sponsored party. Awesome.

I'm sure that Loeb's performance of "Stay (I Missed You)," which (surprise!) her Web site says is going to be the song featured on the show, will be chock full of cutaways with dramatic teen-love hugs and fades of sad stares shot across the New York City skyline.

Robert tells us this is a big deal, though, as the show is currently in a ratings boom because that one girl maybe might've actually maybe killed that other character maybe.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the quit wit to respond "So?" to this gem in real time, which would have been the amazing alley to the inevitable oop that would have come when he would have surely responded with "You say I talk so all the time..."

Oh well. Next time! --Pete Freedman

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