Torche's Andrew Elstner Remembers Seeing Torche Before He Was In The Band

Welcome to My First Show, where we give bands a chance to talk about the first shows they ever attended -- no matter how uncool and embarrassing those tales may be.

Torche is not a band out to pulverize your brain. But when you see them play live, that's usually what happens. Ask anybody who saw them in the past at The Lounge or The Nightmare. He or she will probably tell you something along those lines.

Toeing a line between hard rock, stoner rock and metal (with just a little bit of sunshine), the band released Songs for Singles last year. With a new record forthcoming and a new guitarist in their lineup -- Riddle of Steels' Andrew Elstner replaced Juan Montoya -- the band hits Dallas again this week.

This time, it's with Big Business and Thrones. One hell of a lineup, to be sure.

To prepare for the show, we talked with Elstner about his first show experiences, along with the first time he saw Torche play, which was well before he was himself a member in the band.

What was the first show you remember seeing?
Ozzy when I was 12.

Were you with your parents?
No, my older sister Lisa took me.

What was the first show you remember paying to see?
Hmm. Probably something at Bastille's in St. Louis County. It was an all-ages venue. I'm sure it was a local show -- probably Monsieur Rat or Caffeine or something. You've heard of them, right? [Laughs.]

What can you say is the worst show you've ever seen?
Wow, that's tough. If I answered honestly, I'd lose friends. I accidentally saw La Bouche at a county fair. That was rough.

What can you remember about the first Torche show you played or saw?
I can tell you about the first time I saw Torche live. They fucking flattened the place and completely embarrassed every other band on the bill. Ate. Everyone's. Lunch. I was scared to talk to them! Little did I know, a couple years later, I'd be in the band.

Lastly, what can you remember about the first time you played Dallas?
Many cans of Pearl Light.

Torche, Big Business and Thrones perform Friday, August 12, at Dada

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