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True Widow Has All Sorts Of Goodies to Hand Out at Good Records' Party Tomorrow...

Good news and bad news, True Widow fans.

First, the bad news: A family matter is taking bass playing Nicole Estill out of town this weekend, thus forcing the band off of the bill for tomorrow's Record Store Day and 11th anniversary celebration at Good Records. They've been replaced on the lineup by J. Charles and the Trainrobbers, who, interesting side note, used to share a rehearsal space with True Widow.

The good news? Drummer Tim "Slim" Starks and guitarist Dan Phillips will still be in attendance at the affair, handing out goodies to those who purchase the band's new album, As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference of The Earth, on vinyl.

Among the things Phillips and Phillips will be handing out tomorrow? Free stickers, prayer candles, a limited run of 10 or so T-shirts (see design above, right), and a very limited run of just three alternate screen-printed vinyl covers for the new album (printed by Starks himself, and featuring a hand-drawn spine title designed by Phillips). After the jump, check out the design for the alternate cover. There, as an added bonus, you'll also find a free download of a remix created by an electronic artist named Cosmic Revenge for the band's song "Duelist," off their 2008, self-titled debut. Enjoy.

Bonus MP3:

True Widow -- "Duelist (Cosmic Revenge Remix)"

True Widow -- "Duelist (Cosmic Revenge Remix)"

Nice. Kind of has a The Knife feel to it.

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