Flynt Flossy, signing heads
Flynt Flossy, signing heads
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Turquoise Jeep - Dada - 9/7/12

Turquoise Jeep Dada Friday, September 7

I don't really like musical comedy. I appreciate the humor and a great comedian may be the nimblest of cultural painters, but even if I enjoy the joke, I am not going to play the music at a party or listen to it apart from the occasional YouTube viewing. Or expect much from a live show. However, a recent smattering of buzzed-about festival sets and curiosity brought me out for hip-hop collective Turquoise Jeep at Dada. 

This isn't as much a review of the Turquoise Jeep performance as it is my reaction to the show. Admittedly, I only meant to pop by for a few songs and survey the scene. I was curious how their brand of comedy and R&B came across live, but I was also curious who was going to come out. They clearly have an ear for their chosen genre of satire, and their talent is what moves them into a performance art sphere rather than straight- up comedy or R&B. What I mean to say is, every once in a while, Jeep member Flynt Flossy would let out a wail that competes with Usher.

A popular quote of Flossy's, "Everything is not meant to be understood," came to mind. Repeatedly. This crowd was turned up, maybe the most I have seen at a show this size in months. The Jeep-geeks were in costume; they knew dance routines and while the front of the stage was crowded with plenty of college-kid stoners, the room was really a mixed bag. Truly, fan and artist worked together to create a pretty memorable and surprising set.

Not to get all overly thoughtful, but I watched and wondered if the joke really matters when so many fans take it seriously. I talked to one group who had recently driven to Houston just to partake in the Jeep. We hit our third round of drinks and I heard someone say, "If I have one more, I will start actually dancing to this music." By the last song, a round was sent our way and what started out as a joke had us moving down to the floor.

At the show's conclusion, almost the entire crowd formed a line to meet the group. It is the longest line at a merch table I have ever seen. Turquoise Jeep took pictures and spent time with nearly everyone at that concert. Next to me, a friend surveyed the crowd.

"All these Dallas Jeep-heads, who knew?"


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