Turtle Creek: Not a Clashing Choir

I may really be an idiot. I know for sure I’m not smarter than a drag queen, but I think, of all things, reality TV has gotten the best of me.

I received word from the Turtle Creek Chorale today that they had been named semi-finalists in NBC’s new show Clash of the Choirs (yeah, really.) Immediately, I ran to the Web site only to gaze at my computer screen with a slacked jaw. With a relatively decent knowledge of pop culture trends, I can offer an educated guess on any new reality game contest modeling show that comes my way, but Choirs is just lost on me.

The tag line reads "Five Superstars – Five Choirs – Who Will Win." Apparently, five celebrities assemble a choir and then…um…compete? The thing is, I don’t know how the TCC fits into this. The closest superstar (ahem) we have to Big D on the show is Destiny Child’s Kelly Rowland from Houston. That didn’t help much so, basically I’m at a loss.

I’m awaiting actual word, however, from the Chorale itself to help me clarify, but if that doesn’t happen in the next hour, then just watch tonight’s live premiere episode on NBC 5 at 7 p.m. Maybe you can help me figure it out.

Either way, good luck Chorale, wherever you fall into it. -- Rich Lopez

Update: So, we finally heard back from Raun Savage from the TCC about this whole Choir thing. While the Dallas choir is featured on the NBC site and had a brief clip last night on the way to commercial from the show, they're not actually competing. -- Chelsea Ide

Here's what Savage had to say about the whole thing:

The short of of it is, TCC will not be "performing" on the show. Our clip was chosen as a semi-finalist as filler between commercials. We had a brief 20 second clip tonight about an hour into the show. However, there are still three nights left to go, and if anything we will have 60 seconds or less of air time. However, considering it is 60 seconds on NBC during prime time (if they show more of us) showing the name of the choir and where we are from. We have already seen a huge hit in the number of people who have viewed our videos today versus before the show.

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