Two Local Graphic Designers To Have Work Appear In Upcoming Rock Poster Book

Look, there's a reason why we run our Poster of the Week contest: The poster artists around here are awesome. Really. Go back and look over our Poster of the Week archives. Those submissions are great.

Really. And not just because we say so, either. Let me explains.

On July 19, you see, a U.K. company will release an eBook called The Wall: Modern Day Music Posters. Per the book's promotional Facebook page, the whole idea behind the book goes as follows:

"The Wall contains 9 chapters of the most influential music posters of recent years. This anthology presents little quotes and blurbs from over 85 of the artists and designers that created them, to help paint more of a picture along side each poster in the book."
And guess what? Two local designers will be appearing in these pages. Who? Hit the jump to find out.

No surprise to see that recurring winners Magnificent Beard made the cut. Or, even that DC9 contributor Lance Lester did either. Click the links on each of their names to see some of their award-winning designs.

Congratualtions to both of them. Very well-deserved.

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Pete Freedman
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