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Two People Rushed the Majestic Stage and Tried to Play Neutral Milk Hotel's Drums

This weekend the staff at Majestic Theatre took every necessary precaution to ensure that no tomfoolery or shenanigans would take place for the long sold-out Neutral Milk Hotel concert this past Saturday. Lead singer and notorious recluse Jeff Magnum has been known to be spooked by over zealous fans, so security was tight and cell phones were strictly prohibited (except in the lobby). And there were almost no incidents. Almost. Blame it on the full moon, Mercury in retrograde, or sheer jackassery, but what ended up happening was something no one could have predicted.

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Not long after openers and Neutral Milk Hotel's fellow Elephant 6 collective band, Elf Power, began the second song of their set, two audience members ran onstage. The two male patrons ran up stage left, and made their way to Neutral Milk Hotel's tarped-off drums at the back of the stage. While one up them attempted to play along with Elf Power, the tried to completely remove the drum kit's tarp. It all looked like part of the show until Elf Power stopped playing and looked back at the two men, puzzled. Security tried to apprehend them, but they'd already jetted down stage right, sprinting for the lobby. We don't know what happened next (there were more important things going on, such as Elf Power's set), but it was a bizarre moment at such a dignified show.

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Vanessa Quilantan