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Unreleased Tracks on the UltraViolet CD

I just got some new word on the big UltraViolet compilation CD being put together by bands Lovie and El Gato. We mentioned the disc before, listing the slew of local bands slated to be on it, but Lovie front woman Rebecca Dixon revealed all the bands debuting previously unreleased tracks. The CD and upcoming UV Rock Show at Club Dada are to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

In no particular order, the track list sans song titles should look a little something like this:

Lovie - previously unreleased track Baboon Josh King (formerly of Raleigh) - previously unreleased track Tim DeLaughter (of the Polyphonic Spree)-previously unreleased track Blue Petal Bridges and Blinking Lights-previously unreleased track Calhoun Sebadoh (live track) The Crash That Took Me Fishing For Comets Sunward Doug Burr The Felons - previously unreleased track Mother (Evan Hisey of the Polyphonic Spree)-previously unreleased track The Backsliders Disconnected in ’73 (Tony Edwards) -previously unreleased Smile Smile Deep Blue Something - previously unreleased Wonderfool Somebody’s Darling - previously unreleased El Gato - previously unreleased

Seems like it has been a while since the last great local awesome compilation. …OK, maybe not that long, but we have short attention spans. -- Rich Lopez

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