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[UPDATED] After Three Years, LaGrange Closes Its Doors

Original post, 8:50am: News came early this morning via LaGrange's Facebook page that the Deep Ellum club will be closing, and all scheduled shows, including tonight's David Ramirez show, will be moved:

It's a sad day! After a long 3 year journey, we are closing our Deep Ellum doors. We can't thank everyone enough for your support over the last few years. To our wonderful staff, the amazing musicians who came through the door, and all the fans, we thank you! All shows are being relocated if possible to our favorite venues, so please be on the lookout for updates on the page to find out where to see all your favorite bands. Many thanks to Kim Finch and the Doublewide for hosting our shows last night and this evening.

LaGrange hosted a pretty killer Observer music awards showcase set this past Saturday, and we're glad we got to hang out there one last time, but co-owner Stephanie Schumacher may have predicted this last year.

We'll miss those sno-cones, though. More info to come...

Update, 10:45am: Co-owner Stephanie Schumacher says they will still have their sno-cone truck in West Dallas. In regards to LaGrange, however, she re-emphasized it was always their intention to sell, and added that "[2011] was probably the time to sell [the club], but I held on to it. We always wanted to do one more thing, one more show. It was hard to let go."

Schumacher then echoed a refrain not unfamiliar to the small business owner in 2012: "At some point you just have to say you're broke."

She's not sure what will become of the space, but interested parties have already been calling. "It's going to be hour-to-hour... We had a quality place, and someone will see its potential."

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