Updated: Promoter Wars: Dallas Concert Promoter Sued by South American Concert Promoter

People in South America love them some hair metal. But not enough to keep a Dallas promoter out of court.

This morning, Courthouse News reported Dallas rock star-turned-attorney-turned-international concert promoter Gabe Reed (Gabe Reed Productions) is being sued for $270,000 over a canceled stadium show in Caracas, Venezuala.

The plaintiff, Evenpro Entertainment Holdings, a South American promotional company, alleges Reed canceled a stadium show billed as the Rock 'n' Roll Allstars Tour, featuring Gene Simmons, Joe Elliott, Duff McKagan, Steve Stevens, Mike Inez, Sebastian Bach and Glenn Hughes, and failed to return Evenpro's deposit for said amount.

Reed, a veteran concert promoter -- namely in South America -- doesn't seem too worried about the lawsuit. "They breached the contract," Reed says. "We had every intention of doing the show, but when we weren't paid as agreed under the contract, then we had to do what we had to do."

Reed claims that the terms of the contract allowed his company to keep the money. However, he did not say exactly what the breach of contract was. "I can't really can't go into the specifics of the contract because it's going to be in litigation."

Update 4:13 p.m.: Michael Hurst, the attorney representing Evenpro says he believes Reed will argue that his client allegedly paid part of the deposit late. However, Hurst claims Evenpro did pay, and that Reed kept the money anyway. "We paid the full amount," Hurst says. "There was no reason why the concert should've or would've been canceled."

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