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Van Halen: Definitely Postponed

In case you haven't been over to Unfair Park yet today, Wilonsky spilled the beans on the fact that tonight's Van Halen show has gone the way of the two before it on this tour, just as we'd feared.

Everyone's got the story by now, but here's what little we can offer as an update: We spoke with Emily Kopp, director of market for Dallas' Live Nation branch, and she says she knows nothing more than we do, except that a press release is coming in the near future to explain what's going on. As far as what it will say, well, Kopp's got nothing except to confirm that "this postponement came from the world of the band" (basically, a call to not shoot her, the messenger). She did, however, confirm that the show will now take place on April 24 and that tickets for the tonight's event will be honored at that one (or refunded if ticket buyers are just plain sick of this bull).

Once we get our hands on the Van Halen presser, we'll pass along the surely dry copy it offers. And perhaps we'll then sully it up with our own assumptions. -- Pete Freedman

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Update: Now Bertinelli's canceled. This is just too good.

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