Video: All Quiet on the Middle Eastern Front

Frightened Rabbit canceled its performance at The Loft last night due to the Icelandic volcano. But, even as tornadoes carved a path through North Texas, the show ended up being free and natural disaster-less.

Though originally supposed to open this show, The Middle East performed and brought their sometimes-timid, baroque folk to headline. And I have to say: After an ear-splitting Heartless Bastards show last week in Fort Worth, where the barflies drunkenly rambled through the entire set, it was remarkable to hear an audience quieter than the air conditioning.

That said, The Middle East is kind of a scatter-brained band.

"Blood" is anchored in a familiar, quirk-pop--which, in concert, sounds like Polyphonic Spree meets a cut track from The Royal Tenenbaums soundtrack--but the softer "Darkest Side," (both from the band's self-titled release) is more Nick Drake-ian.

The point? The Middle East often sells its songs on the sensation of delicacy, which can be tiresome or annoying.

The above song is of that quality, but has an irreplaceable confidence. And it's hard not to appreciate the simplicity of its chorus: "You say a lot of funny things."

It's sensitive, but not cloying--an emotion that you have to accept at a Middle East show.

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