Video: 'Idol' Constantine Creeps Us Out

After receiving a link that simultaneously made my day and made me want to skip out of the office and straight to the NES console, I got an itch to search for Dallas-related music videos. What I found is somewhat crippling, somewhat laughable and, apparently, completely exciting to the teen girls in the front three rows.

Yep. That’s American Idol’s Constantine Maroulis performing the Plain White T’s (the Designer Imposter Fall Out Boy for those of you that aren’t "kids today”) chart-topping “Hey There, Delilah” at the 51st annual Greek Food Festival of Dallas last weekend.

My favorite part, second only to his patented combo of wind-swept hair and and panty-dropping gaze, of course, is that ol’ Constantine has to read the lyrics from a piece of paper he pulls from his tight pocket. He claims to “read this letter to the beautiful audience” though, ’cause that makes not knowing the lyrics to a cover song way more acceptable…and I bet he’s hoping it makes him seem even more oh-so-sensitive-rocker.

I’ll admit, I liked the guy on American Idol after he busted out a sweet cover of the Bee Gees’ “Nights on Broadway,” but had I been at the Greek Food Fest this year, I think I would have packed up my dolmas Saturday night. I would, however, like to hear how his cooking demonstration went.


Merritt Martin

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.