Video Premiere: A.Dd+ -- "Likeamug (featuring Sore Losers)"

It was back in March of 2010 when we first stumbled upon the first-rising, confusingly named local hip-hop duo A.Dd+, impressed with the stylings of their Power of the Tongue mixtape and intrigued by the possibilities surrounding their planned full-length debut.

But, much as we were ready to hear it then, the record, called (fittingly) When Pigs Fly and produced entirely by former PPT producer and Cannabinoid member Picnic, wasn't ready for release.

So we waited. And waited. Got impressed again. And continued waiting.

Now it seems -- finally -- the wait is over. Last week, the duo of Paris Pershun and Flaco announced that When Pigs Fly will finally see the light of day on March 28 -- perfect timing, really. As we've said time and time again, there's something really special about what's happening in the Dallas underground hip-hop scene at the moment -- and A.Dd+, along with the likes of Sore Losers, Damaged Good$ and galleryCat, are a major part of that.

So it makes sense, then, that, when A.Dd+ started shooting their debut music video for When Pigs Fly's lead single, "Likeamug," they invited those cohorts to the party to appear in cameos alongside Picnic, who directed the clip, and his fellow Cannabinoid, Symbolyc One. Of course, there's more to the video than that -- Good Records is prominently featured in the video's storyline and, hey, you might see a copy of the Observer in there, too. But, most important, it's an entertaining visual paired to an exciting new sound. And we're happy to be the ones to exclusively premiere it.

Give the music video a well-deserved watch after the jump. Then commit yourself to the fact that Dallas hip-hop is turning a major corner.

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Pete Freedman
Contact: Pete Freedman