Videos: Reliving Sunday's Radiohead Show

If (like a few of the DC-9 writers) you weren't lucky enough to go to the Radiohead show Sunday night, we've tried to help you imagine how magnificent it was with Merritt's review and a slideshow. But we realize that reading the review really just left people dying to see Radiohead. So, we've got a very poor substitute: good videos from the May 18 concert at Center. We particularly enjoy seeing Thom Yorke dancing in the video of “15 Step,” but all four videos are worth watching.

“15 Step”


“Fake Plastic Trees”

“Paranoid Android”

If you want more, YouTube user gundleok has several good videos from the show. Also, we'd love to see anything you guys shot. Let us know if you're sharing a video from the show. The more the merrier. -- Chelsea Ide


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