Pop goes the Vox and the Vox goes Pop?
Pop goes the Vox and the Vox goes Pop?

Vox Pop, Rd. 1: JMack vs. AnonymousCulture

This week, for the first go 'round of our new weekly, online hip-hop battle competition, both of our top performers--JMack and AnonymousCulture--chose to go the a cappella route with their submissions, opting to let the merits of the lyrics stand on their own without a backing beat.

Bold move.

But last week's Valentine's Day theme sure seemed to get both of our emcees going, as each offered up rhymes about pining to win the affections of a special Valentine. Check out this week's contestants' submissions after the jump.

Oh, and next week's topic? "Spring Is Coming!" But, before you go and film your entry, be sure to go back and read the rules first. Then go ahead and send your submissions right here.

In one corner: JMack -- "Valentine's Day"

In the other corner: AnonymousCulture -- "Valentine's Day in Dallas"

So what do you think? Who will win the hearts of our readers for this first round of Vox Pop: JMack, who chose to show us a story with his vid? Or AnonymousCulture, who went simple and shot his in a parking garage with this nasty Dallas rain coming down in the background?

Your call... voting ends Sunday.

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