Want To See Your Byline On This Here Blog?

Since posting our call for interns a few weeks back (and, before you ask, yes, we're still accepting applications), more than a few members of the DC9 faithful have reached out, noting that, though they are not a college student qualified to be our intern this summer, they too would like to throw their names into the mix for possible freelance consideration.

Well, then, some coincidence this is: We're looking for those kinds of people to add to our crew, too!

If you know the difference between Delorean and Dolorean, if you enjoy going to shows on a weekly basis, and if you can write as well as you can listen, we'd like to hear from you.

Shoot a resume, some clips and, so we can get a sense of what you're into, a list of your five favorite bands my way and, if we like what we see, we'll be in touch about the next couple of steps. Thanks!

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