Was Lil Wil's "My Dougie" Video Played On National TV Earlier This Week?

Word over on the dfwhiphop.com message boards is that Lil Wil's "My Dougie" got played on BET's "Rap City" show on Wednesday afternoon.

(We clued you into this video about a month back.)

Say what you want about the track itself, but if that airplay rumor is true, it's a HUGE coup for local hip-hop. And this isn't even the first round of national props Lil Wil has earned. In January, when Soulja Boy actually came through town (instead of, uh, canceling), the hip-hop sensation actually performed the song alongside Lil Wil and his crew. Then Soulja Boy even hopped on the "My Dougie" remix (you can watch a fan-made video for the remix here).

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Given hip-hop performers' knack for shouting out their hometown's name in their tracks, if Lil Wil continues to gain strength on the national scene, it's possible some buzz could spill over onto other Dallas acts. And it'd certainly be more of an immediate spillover than, say, if an alt-country act from the region were to quickly rise into the national ether.

So we'll keep you posted on "My Dougie" and Lil Wil's progress. -- Pete Freedman

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