Watch: Air Review -- "My Automatic"

The last time we formally checked in with Air Review was back in April, when the band, in the wake of a similar announcement from Good Records Recordings, passed along the word that they too would be (for the most part) dropping the album concept from their release plans moving forward.

As Air Review frontman Douglas Hale told us at the time: "We loved the idea of keeping people intrigued and interested for an entire five- or six-month period with not just insipid content, but actual recordings."

The ploy's worked, too. At a recent KXT-91.7 FM-sponsored performance from the band in Fort Worth, the station employee responsible for introducing the band to the crowd let loose this interesting nugget: The first of the band's singles-model releases, "America's Son," has become the most requested song in the station's history. It's a feat that sounds less impressive when you realize how young the station is, sure; but, certainly, there's kudos to be had in the fact that "America's Son" has out-performed Sarah Jaffe's juggernaut, "Clementine," to take the position.

With a new music video and another new single to tout (watch "My Automatic" and stream "Low Wishes" after the jump), we figured it time to catch back up with the band to see how their model of releasing singles individually and, later, collecting those singles to be released as an EP, was working out.

"Music lovers have such musical ADD nowadays that this has been a good way to keep ourselves on the top of mind for our fans, and keep people from forgetting about us," Hale says this week. "And it seems to be working thus far. And it also keeps us energized and excited as we get to see an immediate reaction and get to feel our fans' excitement with each release. It just makes us that much more motivated for the next.

"We've had such an overwhelmingly positive reaction from our fans as well as in the indie blogosphere," Hale continues. "We went from never having so much as a mention to being featured on a multitude of blogs such as Indie Rock Cafe, Pretty Much Amazing, The Music Ninja, We All Want Someone to Shout For, The Ruckus, Those Who Dig, Speakers in Code, and more that I can't remember. We're very overwhelmed and feel so lucky to have received the nods. We're so excited about the new tunes, and it's been so encouraging to see that others are excited as well."

But let's not give all the credit to just the model: Air Review's newest material just feels more thought-out, honest and personal -- and far less the very clear shots at radio success that the songs on their 2009 debut, Landmarks, felt like. Hale very much agrees that this is the case.

"Now, looking back at [Landmarks], with the exception of a couple songs, we're pretty unhappy with it as a whole, which i think is normal for artists," he says. "Even Lykke Li admitted on the 'World Cafe' that she is unhappy with her debut, Youth Novels. I think this is a normal part of the evolution of a band -- especially the step from a freshman to sophomore album."

As for when that sophomore effort is coming, well, that remains to be seen. Hale says the band has yet to set a release date for that compilation album, and that they still have a few more singles to release before that point comes anyway. To that end, check out the band's latest offerings below.

Stream: Air Review -- "Low Wishes"

Watch: Air Review -- "My Automatic"

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