Watch: American Werewolf Academy -- "The Hop"

Turns out it pays to be nice: This week, Dallas power pop trio American Werewolf Academy has released a new seven-inch record (in blue vinyl, even!) through the UK-based label Damnably Records -- the benefit, it seems, of a relationship the band established with the folks behind the label a few years ago when, in searching for a theme song for their podcast, the people behind the label hit up AWA and asked permission to use their song "Rock Show Tonight."

AWA's Aaron Thedford (guitar), Jake Barnhart (bass) and Tony Harper (drums) agreed, and now, in the next couple of months, the band says, the Damnably folks will be flying them out across the pond for a few shows, too.

So, long story short: Be nice to people, OK?

Fittingly, that's also the theme of the new music video for AWA's song "The Hop," which, along with "The Kid Stays in The Picture," makes up the new seven-inch release. It's kind of an out-there clip -- not unlike various alternative videos from the mid-'90s, one well-meaning fellow DC9 scribe notes. And, really, who can't relate to having a crappy job and a crappier beard, getting pushed around, and then going home and jamming with your bandmates in your shed before turning into kids wearing costumes? Pretty much everyone, but that's not the point.

The point, you see, is that I've posted the video after the jump, and you should probably watch it.

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