Watch: B-Hamp -- "Fooly"

Dallas native


took the South by storm last year with his still-hard-to-believe, Will Ferrell-inspired dance craze,

"Do the Ricky Bobby."

Despite the awkward inspiration, the people heard and obeyed. Requests for the track popped up all over the nation, and, in turn, it posted B-Hamp on the hip-hop charts for eight-plus weeks.

Reveling a bit in the fame he's acquired from that single, B-Hamp's now released a new track, "Fooly" featuring Cor'ess. The song tells the tale of his massive income and swanky lifestyle. B-Hamp premiered his new video for the song this weekend (see it above)--on, of all places, CW33.

Anyway, the vid showcases his entourage, women, airfare, Sidekick, watch, and shades from the Forever K Michael eyewear collection which he is now the face of.

As for the song, "Fooly" is pretty much a back-to-basics rap track, complete with a touch of goofy charm from the lyricist, who admits he was a class clown as a kid. But without a gimmick like the Talladega Nights reference, it will be interesting to see how he stacks up to his hip-hop competition. 

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