Watch: Bleeckie The Puppet Takes On Rebecca Black's "Friday," Turns It Into Ode About Fries

Colin Quinn made a great point on Conan last week. I'm paraphrasing, but it went something like this: For all this talk of stopping bullying and cyber-bullying, America sure is willfully beating up a lot on Rebecca Black.

The counter-argument, of course? That poor little Black is the one laughing, and all the way to the bank -- even if the estimated income she's pulling in off her absurdly viral hit "Friday" isn't as high as initially reported.

Regardless, you've gotta think that Black will look back on her creation as a 13-year-old somewhat proudly, right? How could she not? It's not like all that many of us that are able to create such massive cultural touchstones at such a young age. Me? I just shudder when thinking about how awkward I was during my bar mitzvah. Be glad you weren't invited, that's all I'm saying. I digress.

Really: If imitation really is the highest form of flattery, Black's being flattered left and right: Hell, Conan parodied her; so, too, did Jimmy Fallon, with some help from Stephen Colbert, The Roots, Taylor Hicks and the Knicks City Dancers; even the Christian right got in on the fun.

And, now, a local puppet is getting in on the mix. Perhaps you remember Bleeckie, the five-year-old puppet creation of Dallas native Leslie Fleming? We introduced you to her back in January, egged on by her ChatRoulette work and her Emimen/Rihanna parody. After the jump, watch her take on Black -- and french fries -- in a clip filmed in an area McDonald's. It just might be even more aggravating than the original.

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Pete Freedman
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