Back in April, Chelsea Upton caught up with Bowling For Soup frontman Jaret Reddick in the wake of Denton band releasing its whopping 11th album, Fishin' For Woos. The disc also serves as the band's first release since splitting from its major label home of 10 years at Jive Records.

Among the biggest changes that came with leaving the label? Why, their budget, of course.

So maybe it's not a surprise, then, to hear that the band kept the production of their second music video from the new album in-house -- just as it had with its first video release from the disc, the fan-sourced "S-S-S-Saturday." This new one, for the song "Turbulence," was co-directed by Reddick and his Built by Ninjas partner Heath Balderston.

It's a nice enough clip, and one aimed at tugging on at the heart-strings. Basically, it's just what you'd expect to go with the song, which is as somber a single as the band's ever released.

And, speaking of the clip, there's a few lessons you can learn from watching it.

1.) There's no need to show death when you can imply it.
2.) Real-life bandmates tend to be awesome pay-it-forward types in fantasy worlds.
3.) No matter what you do, Ryan Hamilton and Jencey Hirunrusme of Smile Smile will always bicker.

See what I mean after the jump, where you can watch the just-released clip.

Watch: Bowling For Soup -- "Turbulence"

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