Watch: Danger Mouse, Daniele Luppi, Jack White and Norah Jones Talk About Their Upcoming, Collaborative Release, Rome.

We've now been waiting, oh, four months or so, for news of the upcoming collaborative, Spaghetti Western-themed album called Rome from Danger Mouse, Danielle Luppi, Jack White and Dallas' Own Norah Jones. And, finally, some traction on that front: Danger Mouse recently released a trailer, featuring interviews with all of four of the album's contributors.

And, yes, noted Booker T. Washington High school alum Jones is in there, talking up the disc alongside her fellow luminaries. Unfortunately, she's not in there too, too much.

"That's the best, when you get to make music for people you like," she says in the clip, which you can watch in full after the jump. Which, OK, is a sentiment we've heard a lot from her lately.

But the early returns on this album's front are fairly promising. Check out a stream of the song "Black," on which Jones is featured, right here. Currently, the disc is slate for a May 17 release. Clearly, this is a project worth keeping an eye on.

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