Watch: D'Drum and The DSO Perform Stewart Copeland's "Gamelan D'Drum" at the Meyerson

Back in early February, you may recall, Police drummer Stewart Copeland came to Dallas to deliver something of a treat: the live debut of his Dallas Symphony Orchestra-commissioned drum concerto, "Gamelan D'Drum." And boy was it a treat: Our own Darryl Smyers called the performance, all of which was centered around the use of a Balinese drum called the gamelan, a "fascinating night of unconventional music."

Too bad that, aside from those who'd attended the show and those who'd listened live on classical station WRR-101.1 FM, it hasn't really been an easy composition to track down. Until now, though, as just a few moments ago Copeland posted a clip of the performance to YouTube.

Well, OK, in part: In total, "Gamelan D'Drum" is a three-part, 35-minute composition; the well-edited clip posted, meanwhile, clocks in at just over four minutes. Still, it's a nice representation of the kind of stuff Copeland composed and that D'Drum performed on this night. Give 'er a watch after the jump.

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