Exclusive: Watch BNQT Perform Songs From Volume 1 at Denton's Redwood Studio

Denton-based indie rock supergroup BNQT will play the Granada Theater tonight with Motorcade and White Denim. Before the show, group members invited videographer and Observer collaborator Casey Carr into their studio to chat about how the band came to be and film them performing a few songs off their first album, Volume 1, released in April.

Volume 1 features Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses, Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand, Fran Healy of Travis and Jason Lytle of Grandaddy. Denton's Midlake serves as the backing band.

"We were kinda coming to the close of about a year of touring and promoting the [Midlake] record, and a few of us had decided to kinda switch gears and kind of do a fun collaboration of sorts. Really the only thing we asked is that they had two ideas that they could come with that we could then form a song around," says Eric Pulido, guitarist and vocalist for both Midlake and BNQT.  "It was really cool how it came together organically and quickly. Cause you never know when you're working with another artist, kinda cheating on each other's bands."

The video was filmed at Redwood Studio, which is owned and run by Midlake members McKenzie Smith (drums) and Joey McClellan (guitar). BNQT performed two songs, album opener and lead single "Restart," and "Real Love."

In his review of the album for the Observer, Wanz Dover wrote that "Restart" "fuses the mid-'70s glam stomp of T. Rex with the melodic lightness of ELO," whereas "Real Love" is the most Traveling Wilburys-esque song of the bunch."

In the video, Pulido also reveals that BNQT is beginning work on a second album, with a mostly new lineup.

"We already have some songs in the can with Shakey Graves — he's actually recording this weekend with us —and then we've got three other artists lined up that we haven't recorded with yet, but we're scheduling that. So hopefully next year, maybe around this time, we'll have Volume 2 out. ... The idea with it is really just to be a revolving cast of attendees or invitees to the banquet."

To learn more about Carr's video production company, Globe Trek Productions, visit globetrekproductions.com.

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