Watch: Eisley -- "Better Love (Acoustic)"

Seems the Sisters Dupree in Eisley were especially busy two weeks back at Austin's South by Southwest Music Conference: In the days since that ordeal, not one but two sites have posted videos of sisters Chauntelle, Sherri and Stacy performing private, acoustic takes of their new song "Better Love," off their long-time-in-the-making album, The Valley.

(The men in the band, brother Weston and cousin Garrison, seem to have been given a free pass on these, which had no need for a rhythm section, apparently).

Anyway, Alternative Press posted theirs back during the SXSW mayhem, which may explain the shoddy camera work and editing. Meanwhile, Refueled Magazine appears to have taken their time, posting their clip just this past weekend. And it's all the better for it, beautifully shot on multiple cameras for maximum effect. Give the performance a much-merited viewing after the jump.

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