Watch: Erykah Badu's Coachella 2011 Set in Full

Seems the Los Angeles Times wasn't altogether sure what to make of the performance Dallas' Own Erykah Badu offered up at Coachella on Saturday; critic Gerrick D. Kennedy, in his review of her set, seemed equally enthralled and annoyed by the neo-soul songstress and current Vibe cover model's notorious tendencies of nit-picking her stage's sound system and being a poor judge of time.

OId, familiar traits of Badu's, sure -- although, turn out, she's not the only one who had problems with the system out in Indio last weekend. Cee-Lo Green, for instance, stormed off during his set because he was so irked by the issues. Ariel Pink had a meltdown, too, although, in his case, his problems may started elsewhere.

In Badu's case, though, you can judge things for yourself. In these past few days since the California music festival, a number of the performances that were streamed over YouTube have popped up again online, this time in recorded form. No telling how long they'll be up before the Good Ol' Boys take them down, so, hurry up, his the jump and watch a clip we found of Badu's set.

Then ask yourself the following questions: Was she just being her normal self? Or did she have legitimate sound concerns? The answer, most likely, is somewhere in between.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.