Watch: "Joe Jonas Doesn't Care About Anyone's Happiness. He Just Throws Water At People!"

Westlake's Own Joe Jonas is 21 years old now -- and he's, like, so totally over his relationship with Colleyville's Own Demi Lovato, in case you were curious.

So much so that he's focusing on Joe for the time being: Like his younger brother Nick before him, the middle JoBro is hard at work these days on his own solo album -- a disc that could see the light of day some time this year.

In the meantime, Joe's working hard to endear himself to an older audience. A perfect example? Just a little bit ago, Funny or Die posted a new clip starring Joe as, in a real stretch, himself. As should be anticipated given the date, it's a Valentine's Day-themed sketch in which a boyfriend surprises his girlfriend by having Joe show up to serenade her mid-dinner.

It doesn't go as planned, which, duh, is what causes hilarity to "ensue." But, hey, it gives Joe the chance to talk about going out to bars and to sit idly by as his fellow actors make jokes about sex! Give it a watch after the jump.

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