Watch: Josh T. Pearson -- "Sweetheart, I Ain't Your Christ (Acoustic in a French Church)"

In the coming weeks, you can expect a piece in the dead tree version of DC9 in which we'll catch up with Josh T. Pearson and find out what the hell he's exactly been up to since the days when he kept a permanent residence in North Texas, back when he was fronting Lift to Experience.

We won't spoil the surprise, but suffice it to say that he's been busy -- and not just as a European vagabond, but in writing the new, change-of-pace material offered up by his forthcoming, end-of-March release, Last of The Country Gentlemen.

We will say this much though: The album is pretty great -- enough so, at least, to the point where the early rave reviews of the disc (and shout-outs from members of Interpol) hardly come as much of a surprise. For further proof of the strength of the new material, hit the jump to see a clip of Pearson performing his song "Sweetheart, I Ain't Your Christ" acoustically in a church for the French blog Le Cargo. Watching the clip is a bit of a commitment; the performance checks in at nine and a half minutes. But, then again, considering that the album version of the song is almost 12 minutes long, maybe Pearson is being considerate of your time. Either way, it's well worth your watch.

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Pete Freedman
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