Killa MC
Killa MC

Watch: Killa MC -- "IDK"

We've been impressed with pretty much everything we've heard so far from Killa MC, the young Fort Worth-based rapper with a slacker drawl and a bevy a impressive beats courtesy of Sore Losers beatsmith Brandon Blue.

A couple weeks back, you may recall, we shared with you a music video featuring Killa rolling through an area mall and slinging game to Christmas shoppers as he ripped through his song "I'm Cool." We also gave you the mp3 free of charge.

No mp3 this time around, but we do have a new clip to share with you that, indeed, merits your viewing. Once again, this clip features Killa in an area shopping center -- this time, it appears, in a food court.

Not sure why Killa keeps returning to malls for his clips, but it sure works well with his aesthetic, so we're not gonna question his motives. See what we mean after the jump, where we've posted the Phillip S. Thompson-filmed clip for your viewing pleasure.


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