Watch Neon Indian's Live Debut of "Polish Girl," Plus A Sweet, New Fan-Made Clip For The Song

Back in May,

we posted a clip of Neon Indian debuting a new song

during their performance at the second annual Homegrown Festival in downtown Dallas. The clip was quickly taken down -- like, within a day -- by the band and their management. Seems that, though the band was debuting new material, they still wanted to keep the new songs close to their vest before releasing information about

the forthcoming Era Extraña album


This week, though, since the song that the band played, "Polish Girl," has been officially put out into the world as a streaming single, those earlier complaints seem rather moot. Or if nothing else, it seems as if the band and their management are no longer so diligently fighting copyright claims on that front. And, as a result, we've got two new clips to share with you on this "Polish Girl" front.

Above, check out a pretty sweet, new unofficial video for the song from Vimeo user Anastasia Marchal. It's got horses running pretty landscapes, cigarette smoking and, at the end, some hot make-out action -- the holy trinity of fan-made clips, no doubt. And, after the jump, back in the glory that was seeing the band performing the song for the first time ever back at Homegrown.

Ah, memories.

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