Today's a proud one for me, as --


-- my likeness has been immortalized in music video form, courtesy of an anonymous YouTuber who goes by the username "


" and whose interests include "Exposing Pete Freedman and everything bad about Dallas Texas [sic]."

The point of the above video? Once again, per Dallas Odserver:

"Pete Freedman Is The Dallas Observer Little Arrogant Mean Midget Music Editor Who's Complete Dick Tick But We're About To Teach That Lil Hobbit A. Thang Or 2 About Being Humble and nice You Cold hearted Dwarf."

Nice. This one's going right into my resume, along with The Frenz's "Pete Freedman Is A Cunt" and Bizarro Kids' "Pete Freedman Is A Fucking Douchebag," and right alongside a link to the "Pete Freedman Is A Bitch!" blog, which may or may not be from the same person who posted the above music video this morning.

Honestly? I'm more flattered than anything. And I especially enjoy the "Pete! Pete! Pete! Pete!" lyrical breakdown that comes 16 seconds into the clip.

If nothing else, the clip makes me the envy of one Robert Wilonsky, who stumbled upon the clip this morning as part of his daily YouTube scouring and sent it along in an email, noting his jealousy and saying, "No one ever made a music video about me when I was music editor..."

Well, Robert, some guys just have all the luck. So, too, though, do the faithful readers of DC9, who I'm sure would love a copy of this song to call their own. Well, we here at DC9 HQ used a YouTube ripping software to convert the song to mp3 format -- and we've posted it for your downloading pleasure after the jump.

Enjoy my new theme song, y'all!

Bonus MP3:

"Pete Freedman's A Bitch!"


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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.