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Watch: PiKaHsSo Featured on MTV's RapFix Live With Fabolous and Sway

If you're one of the few who still go to MTV for the music fixes, you might have seen longtime Dallas emcee PiKaHsSo's video for "P-00" on yesterday's episode of the network's show, RapFix Live. On the show, host Sway and a guest rapper spend a few moments critiquing an up-and-coming emcee. Yesterday's guest, Fabolous, a regular wordsmith in the studio, was at a bit of a loss when stumbling through a critique of the former PPT rapper's video: "I thought his style was different. His flow was different, and that's always good," he said.

Sway seemed pleasantly surprised with "P-00," though, adding that it's "Definitely a different style coming out of Dallas--not what you would assume you were going to hear."

That's what we've been saying for over a decade, and this morning, PiKaHsSo seemed ecstatic that a Dallas lyricist was finally getting some national attention: "I want people across the world to understand that Dallas has a lyrical side," he said.

The attention, however, came as a surprise even to PiKaHsSo. It all started a few weeks ago when he was watching RapFix Live, and Sway invited emcees to upload a music video for a chance to be critiqued on the show. PiKaHsSo did as asked, and, to his own surprise, had his clip selected. Since the airing of the show, PiKaHsSo says the fallout has been staggering. He says he can barely keep up with all the emails and Facebook requests, and he hopes the appearance will help bring some attention to his AwkQuarius project which will be celebrating the release of their new record/DVD set Fat Albert In The Hood on Friday, September 24 at Heroes on Greenville Ave.

Watch the Tahiti directed video for PiKaHsSo's "P-00" after the jump.

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