Watch: Que P -- "Ain't No Mo Love (feat. Slim Gravy of A.Dd+)"

Less than two weeks after the premiere of their debut music video (for their lead When Pigs Fly single "Likeamug"), Dallas-based hip-hop duo A.Dd+ once again has the Internet on fire today, with various hip-hop-focused sites posting download links for the just-leaked second single from the group's debut album, a song called "Slow Tempo."

The love is deserved, for sure, even if the single choice is a bit curious -- the song's the shortest non-interlude cut on When Pigs Fly, and, per our own repeated listens to the album (due out March 26) here at DC9 HQ, it's also one of the disc's least lyrical. Nonetheless, it's still quality stuff -- and you can download it after the jump.

There, though, you'll also see something else of note -- a video from North Dallas rapper Que P for his song "Ain't No Mo Love," which features a verse from A.Dd+'s Slim Gravy, aka Flaco. The song, like many a hip-hop track before it (including one notable Kanye West-produced Jay-Z track) samples Bobby "Blue" Bland's 1974 hit, "Ain't No Love In The Heart of The City."

Nice, right? Don't forget the A.Dd+ leak...

Bonus MP3: A.Dd+ -- "Slow Tempo"

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