Watch: Que P Explains The Idea Behind #NewDallas Hip-Hop

Watch: Que P Explains The Idea Behind #NewDallas Hip-Hop

A couple weeks ago, we shared with you the music video for Dallas rapper Que P's collaborative effort with A.Dd+'s Slim Gravy, a song called "Ain't No Mo Love," in which Que P bemoans, in rather incendiary manner, the lack of shared appreciation between hip-hop acts in town.

Seems Que P is doing his part to try and change that. He's at the forefront of a Twitter-based hashtag movement called #NewDallas, which various members of the up-and-coming Dallas hip-hop scene have been using to try and stake their ground. People have rallied around it, too -- to the point where Que P felt compelled to release a fiery freestyle (recorded while he was getting tattooed, no less) in which he gets a little violent and angry, aimed once more at the lack of camaraderie, somewhat ironically.

Since the release of the freestyle, the reaction Que P's received has been mixed; some in the scene appear to be cheering him on, whereas others, like A.Dd+ producer Picnictyme, who also performs in the Cannabinoids and used to perform with PPT, doesn't seem sure how to react. Last night, after retweeting a few complimentary #newdallas notes about the new A.Dd+ album, Picnic then tweeted something of a history lesson aimed at all these young 'uns, shouting out Money Waters and his former group mate Pikahsso, who were extremely prominent players in the local hip-hop scene as recently as a year or two ago and who still remain fairly visible today.

And it seems Picnic isn't the only one worried about the short memories of these up-and-comers: On Tuesday night, Que P addressed the crowd at his 2826 Arnetic show, explaining his idea of #newdallas and to show his respect to Dallas rap icons such as Mr. Pookie and Mr. Lucci. See his explanation, which Que P had taped and then posted online last night, after the jump.


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