-Topic Has Left Us for Oakland, But Before He Did He Filmed This Video Busking in Deep Ellum

"The only thing I won’t miss are the coffeeshops," -Topic says, when asked his feelings about Dallas. The rapper is leaning against Gabe McCool's "Cake" mural in a vibrant alley full of them, off Crowdus Street in Deep Ellum.

Maybe it's a reference to Drugstore Cowboy close by, where he's had some bad experiences, or perhaps -Topic simply prefers the cappuccinos out west, where he'll soon be living.

On March 23, -Topic said peace to Dallas for Oakland, California, at a goodbye show at Trees where he performed alongside friends Blue, the Misfit and Sealion. It was an appropriately ceremonious farewell to the musician who became the first to receive a grant from the city of Dallas.

Then on April 7, just a few days before his actual moving date, -Topic returned to the venue with the fine folks at Globetrek Productions, who filmed this video of him for the latest installment of their busking series.

The camera follows -Topic out of the colorful alley, down Crowdus Street to Elm Street, and then along Elm. He remains stoic, perfectly committing to every little chuckle and vocal flourish, even as passersby on the street take notice of him and begin to approach. When the march winds up at Trees, -Topic conveniently finds a keyboard and a guitarist ready to back him up.

“I hope these clouds will lead me to water,” he raps.

In Oakland, -Topic will be living with another Dallas transplant, the artist Joonbug McIntosh – "Joonbug has been out there for three years, he’s been telling me to come out there for three years, and this year I’m gonna listen” –  and plans to work with a producer called Infermo.

We wish you all the bad weather you're seeking, -Topic.  And failing that, at least a solid cup of coffee.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.