Watch: Ryan Thomas Becker & Last Joke Cover New Science Projects at 35 Conferette

Ryan Thomas Becker was a busy man during 35 Conferette, putting on performances with RTB2 and the now-defunct Eaton Lake Tonics, as well as his other project, Ryan Thomas Becker & Last Joke, which features Tony Ferraro of Eaton Lake Tonics, Andy Rogers of Oso Closo, and Grady Don Sandlin of RTB2.

During Last Joke's set at Banter for 35 Conferette, the band covered a song by fellow Denton native New Science Projects (also known as Dale Jones and his backing band), the screechy, blues-punk group that performs covered in garish fake blood and ripped, dirty clothes.

The song in question, "The Train," off of New Science Projects' 2008 album Crocodile, is a slower, more anguished tune that Becker carries quite well, even though he's missing the rough-around-the-edges groan that Jones has become known for.

In the end, it works out nicely: Becker's dramatic style complements Jones' songwriting in a great example of local musicians covering other local artists. Watch the full video after the jump.

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Chelsea Upton