Watch: The Jonas Brothers Take Fans On "A Tour of Dallas," But Do They Ever Actually Go To Dallas In The Clip?

Yesterday, while our servers were down, we received a press release from the JoBros camp featuring the above video showing the boys tromping around town showing "their favorite hangouts around Dallas." It starts with an MTV Cribs-style tour of their house, and then the boys hit the road.

The first stop? The apartment where the boys grew up. There, they hammed it up with the current residents, remembered their roots and then quickly got the hell out of there.

The next stop? Love Shack, the Fort Worth burger joint created by former Top Chef contestant Tim Love. Then? They moved on to The Ballpark in Arlington, where Nick Jonas had batting practice with the help of Texas Rangers batting coach, Clint Hurdle--y'know, because that's what all 17-year-old kids do on a lazy Saturday.

The video closes with the boys back at their home for a cookout at the end of the day. Because, well, a tour of Dallas without actually going to Dallas--really, there's no Dallas proper in this clip, far as we can tell--sure does work up an appetite.

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Daniel Hopkins
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