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Watch: The O's, The Tom Tom Club and Bucks Burnett Celebrate The Grand Opening of The World's First and Only Eight-Track Museum.

Last Monday night, on Commerce Street in Deep Ellum, a first not only for Dallas but for the world: A museum dedicated to eight-track tapes celebrated its grand opening.

Go figure, right?

Maybe it's not so weird, though: Sure, the grand opening of the Eight-Track Museum, the vision of one Bucks Burnett, started off a little awkwardly, with the booze flowing maybe a little too liberally for a museum setting, but things quickly fell into place, as literally dozens (dozens!) of nostalgic area music fans convened at the space, gladly paying a $20 cover charge to scan the walls of cartridges. It even felt a little cramped at times.

Those who showed received some treats, too -- performances from The O's (who on this night released eight copies of their new album, Between The Two, on Burnett's Cloud 8 eight-track label) and oddball pop singer Stu Dicious (who Burnett signed to his label on stage after his performance). Oh and half of the Tom Tom Club was in attendance, too -- Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz, also both of the Talking Heads -- signing autographs of their own Cloud 8 release for fans.

Now, a little removed from the event, we have a treat to offer of our own -- a video retrospective of this night, featuring interviews with museum curator Bucks Burnett, as well as with The O's, Frantz and Weymouth, and even a few of the regular Joes from among the nostalgic set that showed for the museum's opening. Give the video, shot and edited by friend and longtime DC9 contributor Jason Whitbeck, a gander after the jump.

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