Watch: The O's -- "We'll Go Walking"

This week, The O's will release their anticipated sophomore effort, Between The Two, once again on Idol Records and, lest anyone forgot, also on eight-track via Bucks Burnett's new Cloud 8 label. And, in the coming days, fans of the band will have three chances to mingle with O's men Taylor Young and John Pedigo before they take their foot-stompin' show on the road to Europe late next week -- tomorrow evening for an in-store at Good Records, on Friday night for their formal CD release show at Club Dada and, lastly, at Burnett's Eight-Track Museum opening on Monday.

In this week's paper, we'll have plenty more on both the new record and, conveniently enough, the new Eight-Track Museum. In the meantime, busy yourself by watching the new music video from the enjoyable duo, released just yesterday afternoon, which is posted for your viewing pleasure after the jump.

The clip's for the new album's lead single, "We'll Go Walking," a song we passed along your way as a free download a few weeks back, and features the lads gallivanting about East Dallas until happening upon Tietze Park, which bears some significance, as you'll see, in the song (and, as you'll see in this week's paper, also in the band's dynamics). And, apparently, it's the first in a series of 12 videos the band will be releasing over the course of the next year -- one for each song, one video posted a month.

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Pete Freedman
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