Watch: Trai'D -- "Popular (feat. Tyga)"

We've been following the efforts of Dallas rapper Trai'D for some time now -- since the summer of 2009, even, when he first caught our ears with his summer-loving jam "Summertime" and followed that single up with his local radio-enjoyed "Gutta Bitch."

These days, though, the G4 Muzik-affiliated rapper really seems primed to blow. This week, he released his long-time coming mixtape, Popularity Contest 1.5, and, with it, a new video for, clearly, the biggest song on the release, "Popular," which features a guest spot from buzzing Compton-based rapper Tyga of Young Money Entertainment.

The song's a bit of a deviation from Trai'D's normally club-ready catalog. Ditching that banger mentality, this track tackles the far more serious subject of peer pressure among youths -- which would make for some pretty schlocky material if it weren't also among the best songs we've heard out of the radio-friendly local hip-hop set in some time.

Check out the song's music video, which visually deals with the same themes that Trai'D and Tyga tackle in the song lyrically, after the jump. We highly recommend it.

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