Watch: True Widow -- "Skull Eyes"

It might not seem as if the wait for the music video for True Widow's "Skull Eyes" was a particularly long one -- their sophomore full-length and first for Kemado Records, As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The Earth, just earned its release last Tuesday, after all -- but, well, it kind of has been a bit of a wait. After all, it was back in December when Swedish videographer Mats Ek, who'd directed the band's video for "AKA" off their 2008 self-titled debut, was in town, shadowing the band and capturing footage for future video use.

This morning, we see the fruits of his labor, courtesy of his Pitchfork TV-debuted music video for the song "Skull Eyes," the first single off of AHATHHAFTCTTCOTH. The driving song, which features some nice juxtaposition courtesy of bass player Nikki Estill/Nikki Cage's soft lead vocals, is heavy on the band's Dallas roots, featuring plenty of clips of the band wandering the city, as well as shots of the band performing in the their East Dallas rehearsal space.

Anyway, give it a watch after the jump. Then, maybe, take a nice trip down memory lane and re-watch our first ever DC9 in Space clip, which just so happened to feature the three-piece.

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