Watch: Two New Unofficial Videos For Songs Off The Old 97's' The Grand Theatre, Vol. 1

Just a couple days ago now,we shared with you the news that Dallas' Own

Old 97's

would be

releasing the second volume of songs in their two-part The Grand Theatre series on July 5


But it seems the band isn't completely ready to give up on Vol. 1 just yet: Earlier this month, the band gave videographer named John Hutelmyer permission to shoot and post two "unofficial" videos for "Please Hold On While The Train Is Moving" and "The Beauty Marks," two of the standout tracks on the fie, fine release. You can see the former, live-performance heavy clip above; the latter, more of a narrative affair, is posted after the jump.

Interesting that they were given the "unofficial" tag, though. Last we'd heard, actor and friend-of-the-band Rainn Wilson was given the green-light to film a couple of videos for this crop of songs. No sign of those yet -- although there's still a few months left in the cycle of this album, I guess.

In the meantime, these two clips ain't bad efforts as filler. Not at all.

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