Watch: What Would Happen If Pitchfork Ran Hollywood Soundtracks?

According to IMDB, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World cost about $60 million to make.

Critics adore it, it has a certain cult following and word is it's on the short list to get an Oscar nod for best visual effects.

To date, however, the film's grossed only about half its budget. Which is a little sad, considering that the film's charming, genuine and has a completely badass set of music production credits that include work from Nigel Godrich, Broken Social Scene and Beck. That's one of the most refreshing aspects of Scott Pilgrim -- the music is actually worth listening to beyond the film. Or at least refreshing enough to make us wonder what the bigger money-gobbling Hollywood action films would be like if they got the same Pitchfork-era musical treatment?

We experimented with this notion by adding a few of Pitchfork's top 100 songs of 2010 into four of Hollywood's ginormo action movies of 2010. Decide for yourself how the experiment turned out (the video is posted after the jump), but we think it ranges from ridiculous to strangely calming.

Clips and songs used...

1. Inception with Caribou's "Odessa"
2. Clash of the Titans with The Low Anthem's "Oh My God Charlie Darwin"
3. A-Team with Beach House's "Norway"
4. Resident Evil: Afterlife with Sleigh Bells "Rill Rill"

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.