Watch: Yann Tiersen Gets Stuck In The Snow, Misses Dallas Gig, But Performs Anyway.

We here at DC9 HQ were quite looking forward to Wednesday night's shared bill between experimental musicians Yann Tiersen and Deerhoof at The Loft. But, like so many other events set to take place this week, the weather got in the way of its coming to fruition. Late on Wednesday afternoon, Yann Tiersen backed out of the performance, as he and his band's bus was stuck somewhere in west Texas, trying to make it to Dallas for the show.

In fact, he and his band spent 20 hours stuck on their bus trying to make it -- only to fail.

But they did succeed on another front. Whether intended for this purpose or not, the band released yesterday a tour diary clip of their time stuck in snow-riddled bumblefuck, and it, in some ways, serves as a makeup for their missed show, as the band, cooped up in their means of travel, busted out their instruments and started performing for the camera.

It makes for a charming watch, for sure -- one well worth your time, especially if you, like us, were looking forward to this performance. After the jump, give the clip a watch.

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Pete Freedman
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