Woman Crush Wednesday: Singer Bree Parker

Bree Parker is our woman crush this week. And pretty much always.
Bree Parker is our woman crush this week. And pretty much always. Natalie Strong
Our crush this week is singer Bree Parker, who fronts jazz and R&B fusion group Bree & the Fellas. A sunshine-like source of delightfully absurd talent, Parker is a master of vocal control who's often lighting up stages in Deep Ellum. And she doesn't litter. Swoon.

What’s one song everyone loves that you can’t stand?
"Bohemian Rhapsody."

What’s one song that you play when you feel like being sad?
"I Can’t Make You Love Me," by Tank

What non-material things do you collect?
Travel destinations. I love traveling and I try to go on as many trips to as many new places as possible.

What’s a subject you always hope comes up in conversation because you have so much to say about it?
Credit, responsible spending and generational wealth.

What performer do you wish you could’ve seen in concert?
He’s still alive but Stevie Wonder.
click to enlarge Bree Parker onstage with her Fellas. - STEVE GLICK
Bree Parker onstage with her Fellas.
Steve Glick
What kind of thoughts are running through your mind most often while you’re onstage?
"Am I being intentional in this moment? Am I giving my all? If I were in the audience would I be enjoying this performance? How would I be performing at this moment if this audience was 50,000 people?"

Tell me one album you’d feel confident recommending to absolutely anyone.
Girl on the Moon, by Bree & the Fellas

What’s one thing you did with your friends as a kid that you wish adults would still do?
Be unapologetically honest with each other.

Who’s your woman crush in the music scene?
In Dallas, my three biggest are Tempest B, Natalie Strong and Miracle Foster. Outside of Dallas, Rihanna! And H.E.R.

What's your oddest habit?
Counting stairs when I walk up and down them. I’ve been doing it for years and I can’t seem to stop.

What’s your favorite spot in Dallas?
Honestly, The Free Man. I go too many times a week because I always know what to expect. I’ll always run into a friendly face, and I’ll always have a good time. It’s like home.

What about in the world?
Just about any beach. My favorite one that I’ve been to so far was in Varadero, Cuba. Something about a good beach is so peaceful and mesmerizing.

What's your biggest pet peeve on social media?
Oh, goodness. So many. I’ll just condense it down to people who like their own posts, and people who steal others' posts and don’t give credit ... and people who share articles without checking the date .... or the facts. I could go on all day.

Do you have any unpopular opinions?
Avocado is disgusting.

Tell me an era in music history that you feel you would’ve fit in with, if you’d only lived in that time and place.
Probably the '50s. I love jazz and I love the glamour of the women. They were all so elegant and lovely.

What project are you most excited about right now?

I have two albums in the works. One releasing hopefully in the next couple months, and a worship project in early, early production stages.

Tell me the last song you looked up — especially if it's embarrassing.
"Come Together," Chris Brown ft. H.E.R.

What was happening the last time you felt like your life was incredible?
I was writing songs and this incredible feeling came over me. It was like God was giving me a glimpse into my future, and what it will be like as long as I keep being diligent in my creativity and my talents.

What’s something you’ve been told about yourself that made you laugh?
“You’re so nice, I could never imagine you getting upset.”

What makes you feel like you’re an old soul?

The fact that several of my friends call me "Mom."

And what makes you think you’ll never grow up?
I love cartoons, and cereal is a staple in my household.

Tell me something that bothers you for no good reason.
When people leave lights on willy-nilly.

What profession would you want to attempt only for one day?
A runway model! I think I could kill it for a day.

What's your favorite invention? What is yet to be invented?
My favorite invention: headphones. So I can listen to music in a way that transports me into my own reality.

One that has yet to be invented? A teleportation device! Because driving gets overrated sometimes.

Which movie (or series) would you like to be trapped in?
A Different World. So many beautiful, black, young people in one place trying to do amazing things. I dig it.

What would someone assume about your personal life if they went through your internet search history?
That I have some pretty exciting moves happening in my personal life this year.

What are some things you do that make you feel like a good citizen?
I don’t litter.

What’s the greatest thing you’ve created?
My songs. I always say, as a singer, I can acknowledge that there is still room for growth, but as a writer, I have written so many amazing things. I catch my own self off guard sometimes.

What’s your biggest cause?
Making sure that people that I come in contact with feel loved, appreciated and seen. No matter if you’re the same as me, or the complete opposite. I don’t have to understand you, but as long as we have a mutual respect for each other, you’re all right with me.

Name the smallest thing that makes you happy.
Food! I love to eat. And I usually dance when I do.

What question do you love to be asked?

"Why do you sing?"

And what’s the answer?
"Because it’s what God purposed me to do. It doesn’t matter if millions hear me and I get all the fame in the world, or if I only affect 20 people with my voice. As long as I do my best and go out singing, I’ll have fulfilled my purpose."
click to enlarge Lady in red stole our hearts. - JOHNNY BRANFORD
Lady in red stole our hearts.
Johnny Branford
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