So, despite a virtual kick in the gut from Pitchfork, it seems that Denton's Florene is unfazed. Sure, the above interview was filmed before the music media giant's slogging, but that didn't stop up-and-coming Denton bloggers WeDentonDoIt.com from posting the above well-done video to their site yesterday (and, for good measure, this pretty cool one with Museum Creatures last week).

You can file Florene's comments such as, "[Denton's] 18 times cooler here than it was two years ago," squarely in the "We Love Denton" bin.

But there's good reason for those kinds of comments: That there are now several Denton-exclusive blogs is a testament to a music scene that thrives on bands like Florene, along with Goldilocks And The Rock, who are featured in a video here, and will also be performing at WeDentonDoIt's first non-house show on Tuesday, June 29, with Julian Lynch and Soft Healer, at J&J Pizza in, of course, Denton.

WeDentonDoIt Offers Up A Sweet Florene Video and Books Its First Non-House Show Bill

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