Weekend Roundup: Disney on Grass, Cully Woods, Dir en Grey, and More

OK, so the time of year specifically celebrating ritual turkey slaughter has come and gone and we're all the groggier for it.

However, it's Monday now, and the time has come to shake off that holiday feeling and wade back into the everyday weekday life. And what better way to do that than with videos? So pull out that last slice of pumpkin pie and a sliver of turkey, and let's look back at the weekend that once was.

Demi Lovato, Thursday at the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving game
The Cowboys seem to have gone a bit, well, a bit Disney last Thursday, even going so far as to have Demi Lovato (the new Hannah Montana to be) sing the national anthem. It's all fine until she gets to those glaring red rockets when her face is cringing and it looks--and sounds--a little like she is in pain. Or afraid of rockets.

The Jonas Brothers, Thursday at the Dallas Cowboys Halftime Show
It just got stranger as halftime rolled around. A bunch of teeny boppers, surrounding a stage on which stand the Jonas brothers and an arrangement of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. This makes me think they were really trying to appeal to the whole family, and felt that this combo was just the thing. For those who fail to care about either the brothers or the cheerleaders, it's comforting to know that this is all being done for charity. Yep, the whole show is supposed to raise awareness and kick off the Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign...

Jonas Brothers, Dallas Cowboys and those Salvation Army bells, Thursday at the Dallas Cowboys Halftime Show
As illustrated here with some Cowboys themselves and those Jonas boys (why did Steven Colbert's Christmas Special lie to me?) ringing red Salvation Army bells before fading into, yep you guessed it, more half time footage. Yes indeed.

Cully Woods, Saturday at the Prophet Bar
Here's the piano-playing songster on the keys, performing his song "Every Once in Awhile." Woods is rocking his "soul influenced pop" sound and if you want a fun game, listen to this and try to guess which came first, the soul or the pop. Like the chicken and the egg only, you know, not. If you don't want to play you can just listen.

Dir en Grey, Friday at the Palladium Ballroom
Here's that special sound that only this Osaka-based metal band can provide. Billboard claims that the band has transcended the language barrier through its music and "gained an audience without singing in English." It seems they are right, since there is an audience, and it's not in English. Good for them.

Gojira, Friday at the Palladium Ballroom
Now the French death metal crew takes the stage with Gojira. Very metal sounding and it's hard to decide whether the guys fighting next to the camera person or the band are more fun to watch. Myself, I'd probably have been watching the fight, but lucky you--the camera couldn't decide, so we get to see a little of both.

36 Crazyfists, Friday at the Palladium Ballroom
Yet another metal band from the evening at the Palladium. This one is from the States but they may as well not be, since they call Alaska home. The most interesting part of the video is watching the crowd put on a little show of their own. I don't know whether they were playing red rover or what, but the crowd looks oddly lemming-like. Honestly, it's creepy. They stand very still for a minute in a way that makes me think of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. All this needs is Roger Moore in that neckerchief to make this a moment out of a horror movie. But that's just me.

Choklate, Sunday at Firewater
And here's Choklate doing her thing. It's cool, and that is pretty much the only response it elicits from me.

And that was your weekend. --Dianna Wray

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